What is coaching?

The internet is filled with ebooks, video seminars, and blogs that offer advice, wisdom, and promises of a happier life, fame, fortune, and soulmates.  Self-help books and positive affirmations are great tools, but there is no substitute for the personal, one-on-one reflection, support, and accountability a coach provides. 


Before I hired a coach, I felt a little lost, a bit angry at myself and the world because nothing I did ever seemed like "enough".   I was frustrated with false starts and lack of results - just a lot of big dreams and the knowledge that I was capable of more than the rat race I'd settled for.  You can read more about my personal journey on the About page, but long story short: coaching has transformed my life.  What has changed for me?  I'm doing all of the things I love, making more money than ever without wasting away at a job I dislike, living a healthier lifestyle, creating relationships that are actually worthy of what my heart and soul have to offer, and I'm closer to my friends and family than ever.  Life is a journey, and there's always room to grow; that's why I continue to work with my own coach, and I work as a Mentor Coach with Accomplishment Coaching, where I'm constantly honing my own skills and bridging any gaps between the talk and the walk.  I can preach the glories of coaching all day, but the real power is in experiencing it for yourself. 


Coaching is a process.  It is a partnership and a relationship unlike any you've had before.  It is a unique and powerful conversation that is all about you, what you want, and how to create a future that's above and beyond your current comfort zone. 


If that's a conversation you're ready to have, message me to set up a complimentary sample session.