I'm a Life, Leadership, & Business Coach, as well as a Creative Multipreneur myself.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University, the University of Tennessee, and Accomplishment Coaching, I currently serve as a Mentor Coach and with Accomplishment Coaching while also maintaining a private coaching practice and traveling the globe as an opera/cabaret singer and writer/producer.  


My clients can be found in your living room on your television screen, in executive offices of companies including Etsy, Disney, and some of NYC's top finance firms, and behind the creative visions of some of NYC's most popular restaurants, theatrical productions, operas, and orchestras.  I specialize in working with entrepreneurs, creative spirits, brilliant minds, hidden talents, and anyone who is ready to live a more powerful and fully-expressed life.


Maybe you've got the "perfect life" but want more and can't really explain that to anyone else.   Or are you a "hidden CEO", a diva who doesn't hasn't been seen or heard, or a brilliant badass... with a chip on your shoulder?    Maybe you're handling a whole lot and just need some freakin' support already!  My clients love coaching for a multitude of reasons, and they create some wildly unpredictable results, above and beyond what they came for.  


What will you create?

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